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Pollack Glass - Custom-Fabricated Mirrors

Custom-Fabricated Mirrors by Pollack Glass

Being able to install a new mirror or renovating your existing mirrors may have a major impact on the livability and beauty of your home. At Pollack Glass, we are able to install and fabricate new mirrors to provide the illusion of added space or to showcase a specific area of your home. Your interior design efforts will be greatly complemented and can provide an elegant accent for bedrooms, bathrooms and living rooms. By working with the experts here at Pollack Glass, you can certainly enjoy your home to the fullest and ensure quality.

Pollack Glass - Custom Mirrored Closet Doors

At Pollack Glass, we can securely and safely remove existing mirrors in closets, bathrooms, bedrooms and other areas of your home. We fabricate mirrors to all required and customized shapes and sizes and can install and create unframed or framed mirrors to match your existing decor or to replace discolored or aging mirrors in bathrooms or other rooms. Our highly skilled glass technicians at Pollack Glass can replace the mirrors present in furnishings to give new life to older pieces and to enhance the beauty of your home. We deliver extravagant results for your home and your furniture to create the look you have always wanted.

Pollack Glass - Pre-Manufactured Decorative Wall Mirrors

Fabricating, designing and installing custom mirrors is one of our many specialties. We always and guarantee customize every piece to ensure each of our customers get exactly what is wanted and needed. Our experts at Pollack Glass will help you design the perfect custom mirrors for your specific living arrangement and space. The right look can dramatically make a room or space appear larger and more elegant. We can turn your ideas into a reality or assist you to design the perfect look all-around.